Booking request form

How to book us?

Your booking request will be sent directly to us, you don’t have to worry about any middle man, we personally read our emails, so you don’t have to worry that someone else is going to apply pressure on us or decide instead. That means you’ll get direct contact with your speakers and get the answers you need faster.

How do you get started?

You start by filling out the contact form you can find on contact page and that is it! Put in your name, email and your message, try to be detailed and descriptive and don’t be afraid to tell us your emotions and feelings. We understand that you are using “cold internet” to express yourself but still try your best to let us know how you feel.

After filling out the form click send and 10-14 days we will get back to you, simply at the moment have a full schedule and it is impossible to arrange something so fast, so please understand why we need time to reply to your message.


Don’t get discouraged

In today’s world it isn’t hard to think you are all alone and that nobody is listening to you, maybe you don’t have a lot of friends but you have God. Although you can easily speak to God through prayer sometimes it is hard to truly understand His messages. We are here to help you, we experienced a lot as a married couple and friends, we understand how to pass God’s message to you. We aren’t miracle workers but through talk and discussion we can solve your problems. We don’t require much when doing an event, only your attention, and open hearts, since that is the only way to allow Jesus into your life. Don’t be scared, he just wants to help.


You don’t have to book an event for yourself, maybe you wish to help a close friend or family member that has lost its track. Also if you are scared that your event won’t have many attendees and you don’t want to bother booking us, think again, we are on a mission from God to help everyone and anyone. We have powerful connections and through marketing we could easily arrange a bigger event with other like-minded people that have similar problem like you. Don’t be frighten and allow God into your heart!