Our story

How we began

My husband and I are morning persons, the moment the first sun ray breaks into our room we are up and ready for the day. It meant to start our day by drinking coffee, watching the news and reading the newspaper. That was our routine for years, but after a while, we’ve noticed the negativity in the news and how that isn’t a great way to start our day. To be honest, back then the only thing you could read was about people losing their jobs, family, and homes to mortgages and bad business decisions. The easiest way to avoid all that was to just change the channel or turn the page and simply forget about it. We could have easily told ourselves it isn’t our business, we have a stable life and we don’t need any more stress.

But the real problem laid in the fact that those TV and newspaper stories weren’t a fantasy or something imaginary since a lot of our close friends were experiencing similar problems of their own. Neither my husband or I are businessmen, psychologist or doctors, we possess the knowledge on how to run a business and get out of your financial troubles, we couldn’t offer that to our friends. The only thing we did have, and we had it in abundance was our strong faith and belief in God. Each morning after waking up, together we say our prayer and thank our Lord Jesus Christ on giving us a gift of life and chance to live on this beautiful Earth. So over the course of next few weeks through we dedicated at least one day per week to just talk to our friends and relatives in need, we have noticed that most of these people lacked moral support someone who would just sit down with them and listen to their problems and sorrows. My husband and I didn’t have a problem, we always had someone that would listen to us – God. Through prayers, we tell Him everything that bothers us but also everything that gives as joy and cheer and we wanted to share this gift with our friends.


To be completely honest we thought it would be just one time thing, something that wouldn’t last longer than a month but after a couple of weeks my friends started calling me back, thanking us for noticing their problems, at that moment their financial problems were still present but I could hear happiness in their voice. Therefore, we’ve decided to continue with our aid, even introducing more of our friends to Sunday mass, the amount and power of goodwill you can find there on Sunday can put a smile on anyone’s face. Our help group over the next following months expanded rapidly, and although we refused to change our morning routine, now every morning my husband and I spend about an hour perusing the latest devotionals, posts, comments, and even making a few comments myself on how to help yourself.

While until now we only did our thing locally and with only a group of our closest friends, today we have decided to spread our goodwill with everyone else, we aren’t trying to convert or conscript you into being a hard believer. Simply we just want to bring the power of Christ’s love into your heart and let you know there is a world full of people who are willing to listen out to your problem and give you necessary guidance to get back on your feet.