After I left the conference I was different. I was able to forgive the things that I held onto. When I got home I cried and cried. It helped me so much. I burned my suicide note that Sunday. I am reading that book you gave me. I just wanted to say thank you for the things that you helped me with. You really spoke to me. Really got me thinking. I don’t cut anymore. I get up with a smile all because you set down and actually listened to the things I had to say. And that means the world to me. So thank you.  – Mary

They brought a powerful message challenging us to take practical steps toward the holiness for which God has created us. I especially appreciated the breakout session in which they spoke very candidly with the men (and young men) about the need for purity with regard to pornography and for protection with regard to creating a safe environment for our daughters. The women of the church were blessed as they spoke tenderly about God’s pure love for each of them. Through this one Sunday event, hearts were open to healing and families were challenged to set new standards for the media soup in which they daily swim. – Jake

They know what to say to today’s teens. She hits on all the vital issues they deal with on a regular basis. He has the answer to these issues and shares in such a personal way that challenges one to examine their heart and do something about it. – Annie

Thanks for coming to our school to talk to us. I really appreciated it. Your talk will really help me be closer to God. – Gabriel

It was a powerful talk.  It is awesome to see students respond to the truth with action that will eternally change their lives.  The message they gave was a divine catalyst for life change in these students.  They definitely delivered the truth, exposing the lies of the enemy and media forces in these kids’ lives, very awesome. – Peter