Visiting Oklahoma City, just before Christmas

Where did we go this time?

Just recently, right before December started, we have been called to do an event in Oklahoma City, OK. My husband and I rarely do conferences so late in the year, since we like to prepare ourselves for Christmas and birthday of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. But still we couldn’t be that selfish and yet again we’ve decided to help out people in need. Like I said earlier this time we have visited Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city of the state of Oklahoma. The county seat of Oklahoma County, the city ranks 27th among United States cities in population. The city was once a regional power center of government and energy exploration but since then has diversified and now it includes the sectors of information technology, services, administration and health services. Today it is home to two Fortune 500 companies, and one company from Forbes list of private companies.

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Who needed our help?

We decided to visit Oklahoma City, after receiving a call from Vince, an owner of a home improvement contractor who does roof repair in Oklahoma City OK. A professional roofing contractor that is able to perform simple roofing repairs, complete roof replacements, and roof maintenance. It all begins with a thorough roof inspection. They arrive at your property and begin with providing a thorough forensic storm damage inspection. If substantial storm damage exists to your property and or your roofing system, we will document our findings and consult with you for a best practices course of action. Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors is not limited to only roofing, we have the construction knowledge of complete home renovations and installations of nearly any home improvement project from the ground up. He wanted that we organize a conference to his employees about modern problems in the society and how generating fortune and money isn’t everything in life. Since he is running a big company which employees dozen of people, it is vital that everyone involved feels include in the growth process and that they aren’t just pawns for his entertainment and gain but valuable assets, since Vince wasn’t able to articulate all of this, he asked us to do it for him. We wanted us to highlight importance of friendship and workmanship, and fact that without his crew he wouldn’t be in this business. If anything they at Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors are involved in the process of building homes and houses, a principal that can be implied to everyday life as well, since a house no matter how strong the foundations are is nothing without a good roof. Same is with people, no matter how the person is strong if you aren’t striving towards higher causes you are going to be lost.

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How did the event go?

Throughout the whole weekend, Vince was absorbing every word we said, at first it was a bit hard for me to get through them but my husband stepped in here and there to help me out a bit. Vince showed us around the city and his working place as well, what pleasantly surprised us was the fact that all of his workers were there, which meant that they cared about being part of this company but also cared about their employer. We usually try to limit ourselves to just an hour but that hour was simply not enough, we didn’t expect such a good response so at the end we did almost an extra hour just answering questions. We even used the audio system to listen to Christmas songs on it at the end. But important lesson that we all learned that weekend is that you aren’t required to go after the money and accumulate wealth, you only need to accumulate friends and surround yourself with people you care about and cares about you, nothing else is needed. Maybe Vince didn’t know how to put these things into words but his employees understood that he cares about them and work they are doing, he simply just need a little help from us.

We want to give a special thanks to Choice Solutions Roofing and Exteriors for showing us a great time in Oklahoma City.


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