Visting Houston, TX


For many, their job is a pain in the neck. Few people appreciate and love their job simply for what it is and enjoy doing it. A few years ago, I fitted the first category. Just like my husband, I worked because I had to. To be perfectly honest, I can’t say that we didn’t like our jobs at all. We didn’t even notice anything wrong, but we could felt something missing. We would sit in the morning to drink coffee while reading the newspaper. We were Christians then too; we would say our prayers and enjoy them. However, we were not really living our Christianity. Just like many other, we were driven by the daily life.  Today, I am lucky to say that the situation is different. I live my job as a combination of passion, love for God and love for myself. From all the special trips that our job/passion allowed us, we will always remember one – Houston.

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Why Houston and why did I mention our jobs? Well, we visited Houston for two reasons. First, we only wanted to spread the words of love to God and watch our community grow just like we always want to, secondly, our dear friend of many years, invited us. We simply couldn’t say no. Our friend is a businessman, something me and my husband never were. But during these few years, we noticed how business and money affect people in a way they shouldn’t. It is a stereotype that business can’t go together with religion, somehow people in business are always portrayed as people without morals who would rather step on someone’s toes than lose money. We guarantee that is not true. Our friend Victor, a roofer from Houston, invited us to discuss religion and business, how important religion is especially when doing business and challenging yourself. Now, Victor was never a very religious person himself, so the fact that he invited us to speak about that meant a lot.

Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, Mission Bend

When we arrived he showed us around, and we fell in love with Houston; it’s Theatre district, Mahatma Gandhi and China District. We felt the city’s energy and enjoyed it so much. After a brief tour, we arrived at the place of conference.  There were many people in the room; some were here because they truly wanted to hear us, some were here because they thought we were funny. No matter the case, they were all here, and that was the only thing important to us.  We opened a conference with introducing ourselves and our mission; soon we started talking about how God has the power to help anyone in need. A discussion lasted for a long time, and we went through every topic possible. There we many people coming from different companies as representors. Everyone was active and asking questions, but we have to say we noticed one person who bombed us with questions, in a good way of course.


This woman, dressed as simple as possible, spared us no time. She was a religious person and agreed with us on a lot of things but she really wanted to find out in what we believe and how do we connect with God. Her curiosity and a will to investigate us impressed us. We later learned that she came from the Anchor Roofing Company. She told us how she follows us for some time now on social media and it helps her both in private and professional life. She told us how the Anchor Roofing does commercial and residential services. How she is happy that she’s working in a company based almost twenty years ago but she still has a lot to learn about the services that the Anchor Roofing does like roof replacement and repairs.  She explained how her job is to provide the company with materials needed. Thanks to her the Anchor Roofing has a variety of materials you can choose from. Plus, they are all high quality. Anchor does roofing with tiles, slate, metal, shingles for residential roofing as well as with EPDM, modified bitumen, TPO roofing, etc. for commercial roofing. Commercial services also include roof inspection and coating applications. She mentioned how hard her coworkers (roofers, managers, directors) work to provide full services for every homeowner or business owner in Houston. Anchor Roofing seems to do pretty much everything from roof installation, repairs and roof replacements.

We enjoyed our time in Houston and would repeat every step of the way.